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In Gabriel Hardy's world, words really CAN kill.

 Using the language supposedly used by God in creating the universe, scientists inadvertently open a gateway allowing demons full reign over Gabe's home city. Gabe, a young horticulturalist who has lost most of his memories of his childhood, is one of the few who actually knows the city is held captive by "the Fallen" but does not realize why - that he is a bioengineered soldier called a "Nephilim" and has an unusually strong link to the spiritual realm. Together with the motley cast of a pompous delivery girl, a young prophet, a down-on-her-luck talk show host and a half-crazy government employee, Gabe will span the world picking up the pieces of his past, trying to repair the damage done by the demons, and try to put a stop to the madman bent on becoming more than a mere mortal.


Version 0.210.2

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game details

SPECIAL DELIVERY is a completely custom RPG with a difference. In SD, hitting an enemy is not always the wisest course of action - the BALANCE command allows the player to bring a halt to battle by freeing the enemy from the demons causing them to attack. SD also includes the following features:

  • Solid Gospel message
  • Detailed storyline in the style of JRPGs
  • No nudity, innuendo or language
  • Ranking system rewards players for making good choices
  • Mechs. Need we say more?

Due to the situations and concepts presented in SD, it is best suited to teenage players and up.



Hometown: Capital City

Weapon: Arborotek brand gardening tools

Taken into experiments as a young child, Gabe's body is riddled with technology about which he knows absolutely nothing. Son to Artemis and Lazidan Hardy, Gabe works in the family arboretum at Capital City but is the only dedicated worker there, sowing seeds of resentment between him and his father. While Gabe is still young, he is rather level-headed, but a bit sharp tongued and blunt, offering his opinion whether requested or otherwise. Because of the technological implants, he has an odd sensitivity to spiritual happenings.

Gabriel is classified as a mid-weight fighter, very well-balanced with no particular strengths.


Hometown: Prosperus Station

Weapon: Lectro Lash brand cosmetic tools

Prissy is the only daughter of the owner of the world's premiere heavy-cargo transport service, Swift Delivery Services, and heiress to its wealth. She is an accomplished mech pilot, even at her young age, and is thoroughly schooled in the mechanics and upkeep of the machinery used in the business. In spite of what seems like a tomboyish background, Priscilla spends an inordinately large amount of time concerned about her personal appearance, and her choice of weaponry and special techniques reflects her obsession with makeup. When Gabe arrives to live with the Swifts by government order, she dislikes him greatly as their strong personalities clash, but as time goes on and she become aware of the darkness and seriousness of life, she comes to rely on Gabe for support, but the two still manage to bicker. A lot.

Prissy, being the lightest and weakest of the women, has difficulty taking a lot of abuse, but is very fast and accurate.


Hometown: Eden

Weapon: Technosculpt brand hammers/chisels

Timothy, a child Slave left alone in the world after the death of his mother, is the youngest member of the team. What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in great spiritual strength. Leaving his home on the island of Eden, he tours the other continents and stations, attempting to secure certain valuable treasures to fulfill a personal mission. He is a quiet but loveable kid who tries to hold fast to his faith but also battles his great fear of what will ultimately become of him. He has also been endowed with the gift of prophecy, occasionally forecasting the fates of other characters.

A bit fragile by comparison, Timothy needs extra guardians to ensure his safety and can seldom fight alone.

Lady Wisdom"LADY WISDOM"

Hometown: ???

Weapon: Moon Sword brand swords & martial arts

Lady Wisdom is a small time radio talk show host operating initially out of Prosperus Station. Her inspired wisdom isn't such a great hit with the locals who have turned away from Biblical principles, and as a result, she soon finds herself out of a job. As she travels with the team, it becomes obvious that she knows more about the situation than she's saying, but what role does she play in the story of how Sigil rose to power? A bit pushy and overbearing.

LW is the strongest of the female characters, but also the slowest to attack.


Hometown: Santo, Ilmarinen

Weapon: Virtuoso Shockspear brand spears

A young man at odds with his brother, whose power play removed their father from power in Koios and ended up landing most of his family in prison, Rivey is looking for a fresh start and trying to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, trouble finds him anyway. His sister has converted to a pagan religion and is now one of its main priestesses, and despite her efforts to convert him, Rivey senses inside that something is wrong. Then he crosses some of Sigil's forces and makes the discovery that he too contains secret technology...

In fighting, Rivey is the slowest, but strongest, and spiritually, only has some strength, due to his confusion about spiritual matters. He wants to know more, but doesn't know where to turn to get the information.




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